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A Quiet Revolution of the Heart

I have completed a book and it is now available. Below is a short description of the book. The purchase price of the book will be determined by the purchaser. That is described below as well. If you would like a copy, please email me. (Email address is in the left margin.) 

The title of the book is “A Quiet Revolution of the Heart.” It describes a revolution which begins in the interior spaces of one’s being and moves outward from there; through our relationships, homes, communities of exchange, and ultimately with the planet which joins us all together. The revolution it describes is one for equality, freedom, and peace. It is one for our healing.

In this book we join a conversation about our relationship with money and the human suffering it brings on. It describes the myths which justify that suffering and separate us from each other and all of our neighbors on the planet. It recalls an ancient story that has long been awaiting our participation. It is a story which has been told many times before, but seems less often heard today. This book is my effort to tell the story once more so it can be handed down again. And hopefully someday soon, acted upon.

In America, we are often told, "Never mix politics and religion." We are also told, "Never talk about race or money." Here is a book that breaks all of those rules. For those who long for a more peaceful, equitable, and just world, and are willing to break the rules to see it come about, this is a book to read and recommend. 

If you would like a copy of the book, you may have it. If you would like to help cover the cost to make it available, you can choose how much to pay.

The production and distribution cost per copy is $13.35.

All money received will be used to print additional copies to distribute to other readers.

If would like a copy of the book, but have no money, you are free to have it. Though you are not the audience for whom this book was written, you were its inspiration. I am honored you want to read it. If you want to pay something, but have less than the break even amount to give, I would be very grateful for your generosity.

If you are able to match the break even cost of one copy, I would be grateful to you for doing your part to keep it even.

If you would like to contribute more than the break even cost so more copies can be made available to others, your generosity is deeply appreciated as well. It is my hope that someday soon you will not be asked for more because others have so much less. Prepare yourself. You are the audience for whom this book was written. If you are able to give a little extra, take two and gift one to a friend, a stranger, or one with whom you often disagree.

Please email me from the "Appointments" tab or at [email protected] to order a copy. Payments can be made at the Payment & Fees tab, but please note, an email is necessary to order a copy. 

In the meantime, here is a PDF of a short collection of essays and poems originally published  in 2017. Download an electronic copy of "Shine: Weaving a Contemporary Web"

The American Counseling Association Code of Ethics for counselors reads, " toward removal of systemic barriers or obstacles that inhibit client access, growth, and development." Courtland C. Lee in the 7th edition of the ACA Ethical Standards Casebook, goes on to write that promoting social justice is a core professional value and: 

Social justice involves promoting access and equity to ensure full participation in the life of a society, particularly for those who have been systematically excluded on the basis of race/ethnicity, gender, age, physical or mental disability, education, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, or other characteristics of background or group membership. Social justice is based on a belief that all people have a right to equitable treatment, support for their human rights, and a fair allocation of societal resources.

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