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If, due to finances or schedules, you are unable to come for therapy, or if you feel sharing your story, being understood, and seeing your life through the lens of another person will not be helpful, but feel you need some help in any case, please try the following activities. Feel free to try any, all, or none. Nothing here will be harmful and you may find some particularly helpful. None are necessarily rigid or literal. You’ll get the gist. Enjoy!

  • Breathe deeply . Notice ‘what you feel’ rather than ‘why you feel it.’ Attend to your interior sensations rather than the exterior event. Breathe again. Notice how 'what you feel' changes.
  • Eat food that is grown in soil rather than manufactured in a facility. Bring in calories like you bring in breath: predictably, consistently, in small but adequate quantities, and of good ingredients. Drink water. Lessen the toxins that come in as well such as alcohol, tobacco, and salty-fatty-sugary food-like substances including sodas.
  • A short time after sunset, begin to quiet and dim the lights in your home. A short time later, lie down to sleep. Lie down early enough to wake up and arise slowly without an alarm that screams at you, “Time to MOVE!!”
  • Turn off the TV, video games, and electronic screens. Notice who and what is around you.
  • Practice mindfulness meditation . Be attentive as you rise, sit, eat, walk, and work. As you become distracted, which is inevitable, gently call your attention back to your focus without judging yourself that you are somehow failing and without bearing down to try harder. Simply notice the distraction and return your attention. You will repeat this over and over again. Loving-Kindness meditation or contemplative prayer are likewise helpful.
  • Go outside, plant a garden, go for a hike, walk in the woods, find a body of water, sit beside it, listen.
  • Be creative. Paint, sculpt, build something, write a poem, or create a melody. Remember, ambiguity opens an infinite number of possibilities. Certainty rules out all but one. Imagine possibilities .
  • Practice yoga , tai chi, aikido, or improvisational dance; play games; participate in non-contact interactive sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball or baseball; throw and catch (balls, Frisbee, etc.). Find a swing set or rocking chair and sway a bit. Laugh with others . Cry together too. Share celebrations and consolations . Notice how that feels.
  • Sing songs , join a choir, play an acoustic instrument, experience harmony. Notice how it feels
  • Receive a massage. Go for acupuncture . Hug someone you love. Let them hug you . Notice how it feels

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