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My clients determine their own fee for their sessions. In essence, I am saying, collectively to my clients, I believe you are good, responsible and trustworthy to support me. I pledge to live lightly in order to make this as easy as possible. I do not feel a need to mandate a fee or deny the service. I do long for the day when access to healing is not limited by a patient's purchasing power nor a cure's profitability. The gifts of this planet and its inhabitants are given to us all. Thank you for your participation to demonstrate our fullest potential.

As this is an unorthodox practice, I offer this guidance. First, consider what another therapist would charge you and, if you consider it a fair and attainable price, let that be your fee. Second, you could choose the average per-client contribution per session or the break-even cost per session (fluctuates, see below). Third, you could contribute an amount equal to your gross hourly wage. Please keep in mind that for each hour we sit together, another hour is spent in preparation, research, and documentation for each session. Lastly, be diligent to attend your sessions as scheduled or, if you see a need to reschedule, do so as early as possible.

Payments can be made by credit card electronically in the 'Make a Payment' window below or by mailing a check to: 2513 Vesson Avenue, Durham, NC 27707. Mailing checks is less convenient, but it does reduce our costs.

As of January 1, 2021, I will not be filing for reimbursements from health insurance companies.


2021 (YTD)

As of October 30, 2021:

Total expenses: $29,577.98
Total Contributions: $54,827.28
# of sessions: 1056

Average Client Contribution per session: $51.92
Cost per session: $28.01

2020 Year End Totals

Average Client Contribution per session: $57.79
Cost per session: $24. 78

Amount: $

This graph shows how the average client contribution for 2020 of $57.79 was expended. In 2020, due to my clients’ generosity from January through June, for the last six months of the year we made a demonstration of what it would be like to live within God’s Economy where all energy, material, and work are freely given to be equally shared by all. The season was called a ‘Tax Holiday’ and the ‘cost’/savings is represented by the blue wedge. In 2020, $1225 worth of gift cards to the Durham Food Co-op were given. This along with some substantial savings due to the pandemic made possible the extension of the Tax Holiday by one additional month.

After operating expenses for the practice, my next largest expense was, once again, taxes. A large share of what you pay passes through my hands to teach and feed our children; to construct highways and roads; to police, imprison, and deport our neighbors; to care for our elders and those disqualified from work due to their abilities; to manufacture military weaponry and war; and to pay interest to lenders of government debt.

To those who contributed above the $24.78 cost per session, and those who gave Durham Food Co-op gift cards, from myself and those who could only afford less, we are deeply grateful. Thank you!

Another noteworthy statistic: Insurance, a privatized, for-profit safety net meant to protect our
wealth more than our health, pays out a smaller share than one might think. For every dollar
of income I received this year 85¢ was paid directly by clients and 15¢ came from third parties
such as insurance companies.

In 2019, I burned 354 gallons of gasoline and 6106 kw/h of electricity. I also spent and earned
almost $39,000. Please join me in lowering all of these figures; for the health of this planet
and all those who live upon it, including ourselves. With deep gratitude, I say thank you.

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