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Since beginning this practice in 2011, my clients, mostly adults, couples, and some teens, have self-selected for general concerns about anxiety, anger, questions about their relationships at school, work, and home, and a variety of other therapeutic concerns. Though I continue to work with clients with a full range of concerns, my practice is increasingly centered on working with those who care for young people.

I am happy to work with any new clients who think we might be a good fit. Unless you have a need which is beyond my abilities, I’d like to always say, ‘I am taking new clients,’ though there may be a short wait for the first session. I can work with anyone in the Triangle area in person. Others who live in North Carolina can be seen by video conference online. In-person sessions are more therapeutically efficacious and that should be your first option wherever you live. (During the pandemic, everyone will be seen by video or phone)

I am especially committed to working with those who shape the experiences of our children. This includes providing counseling for children, future parents, current parents, and all those who take care of our children. This is a rather wide net. Here is a little more detail to help you decide if we may be a good fit. If you see yourself in one of the following categories, please feel free to contact me.

  • Individuals beginning around the age of twelve through adolescence, teens, and early adulthood.

  • Individuals who have hopes or plans to create a home, find a life-partner, start a family, and raise children of your own.

  • Parents, as couples or individually, same-sex or opposite-sex, who found their life-partner, or thought they had at one time, and are struggling with communication, conflict resolution, parenting and co-parenting concerns, fertility issues, anxiety, anger, infidelity, forgiveness, or reconciliation.
  • Teachers, child care workers, and caregivers of all varieties who feed, teach, protect, heal, and minister to our children.

  • Your current concerns may not directly involve children at all, but if your life intersects with our children’s lives, I would like for you to consider the possibility that we may work together for whatever is coming up for you today. Thank you for the consideration.

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