Welcome to my website. Thank you for visiting. I hope that the information you seek is found here and you sense the potential for connection from what you see.

My practice in the healing professions began in 2010 as a hospice chaplain and licensed counselor. Since 2011, I have been in private practice as a full-time counselor serving individual adults, couples and teens who wish to strengthen attachments, or ease the detachment, with people they love or to mend the relationship they feel with themselves.

My approach is based in attachment theory, emotion-focused therapy, mindfulness, interpersonal neurobiology, and integrated body therapy. Many, but not all, persons who come to me are coping with minor or major trauma injuries they have felt or witnessed over the course of their lives. Sometimes these traumas are acknowledged as such. Sometimes they seem part of a normal life. Many find themselves feeling anxious, depressed, isolated, ashamed, disappointed, angry or in conflict with others. Sometimes there are sleepless nights, physical pain or illness that manifest. Jobs or relationships are often threatened. Sometimes, the world itself feels threatening. In the cozy confidence of the counseling suite, we are able to discuss with no judgment what you experience. Then, by experiencing the compassionate resonance that occurs between human beings, understanding develops and healing unfolds for those who sit with me.

Even as you visit this site, you and I feel some degree of hope for your future. Even as you complete the intake forms, the counseling work has already begun. Thank you for visiting. Please contact me for questions you may have. May you and all those you love be blessed .

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